Monday, October 6, 2014

98 Books as of September 28: 30 days of reading so far during 1 month plus 1 day

I had miscounted and thought that I had only read 94 books at this point; I was wrong.

I was very wrong.

As of today, I have read 98 books. Some shorter than I would have liked, but given that the average page count of most books read so far in this Challenge has been between 225 and 275 pages, I feel justified in including the shorter title. Besides, my friend Amanda, owner of Roots Cafe in South Park Slope, Brooklyn, insists that I include the shorter titles and, well, I have to listen to her, right?

So, NOT 94 books as I had thought, but 98.

Because I thought I had 6 to go, you will see that I read 6 books instead of 2 on my last day of reading, 2 days from now. In hindsight, overachieving at least allowed me to lay to rest any complaints or guilty implications regarding the inclusion of the 4 or 5 earlier, shorter entries into this blog...

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