Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 4: 1 Book

25. 20/20 Brain Power: 20 Days to a Quicker, Calmer, Sharper Mind! by Joshua Reynolds with Heller and Rodgerson

A pretty decent book, though also a sales pitch at times for the author's other products. Casual name dropping of his world-famous Thighmaster later transitions to plugs for his computer software / website designed to improve brain function via cognitive games and exercise -- primarily geared for "older" adults over age 50 or so. The at-times infomercial vibe aside, this book was a pretty good overview of how the brain functions, various prevailing theories of hemispheres, what can be done to improve concentration and brain speed, how diet and fitness determine the big picture of mental (intellectual or cognitive) health -- AND, most importantly regarding the crux of this book, what can be done to maintain and even improve or increase brain speed (cognitive function) as we get older.

 I found this book to be a fascinating, quick read, and recommend it to anyone interested in a general approach to better brain health via diet, exercise, sleep, and a vague notion of brain games (since I did not visit the author's website to see about purchasing his particular brain enhancing software and tools).

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